Sunday, November 29, 2009

Passengers and the pilot

There were 7 passengers leaving a plane for a vacation in a well-known island. The island was and still is famous for its tourism attraction. So, all 7 of them were very excited as they planned the vacation for so long. Even as they were in the plane, they couldnt wait for the excitement that awaits them.

Just as the plane were travelling half way to the island, the pilot suddenly announced that the engines are failing and the plane was about to crashed. obligated by his responsibilities to keep all of those under his care safe, the pilot then take out all the parachutes in the plane and gave it to all 7 passengers that board the plane. He distributed the parachutes to each one of them and taught them how to use it.

As the pilot getting the passengers ready and showed them the door for them to jump out of the plane, one of the passenger asked him, "Sir, do you happen to have a pink color parachute rather than this one? I would prefer a pink one." Starled by the question, the pilot answered,"I'm sorry, this is all that I have that I can offer to you."

The second passenger then asked the pilot, "Sir, I have problem nausea. I'm afraid that as I jumped into the air, my nausea might get onto me and I might just throw up and loose control. Can you make my nausea go away?" The pilot looked at the passenger and said, " I only have the parachute for you to use. I can't make your nausea go away. This all I can give to you."

"Sir, I have so much fear in me. I'm not sure if I pull this handle here, the parachute can carry me. I'm not sure if I can be safe. Can you take away my fear?" the third passenger asked the pilot. The pilot answered, "Sir, I only have this parachute for you to use and this is the only thing that I can give. I cant take your fear away but I give you what I have."

The forth passenger said, "Sir, why dont all of us stay here in the plane. Who knows that the plane fuel tank would explode when the plane crashed and all of us would safe. Certaintly, it will be better if all of us stays here in the plane than jumping out." The pilot then answered, "Sir, it is my responsibilities to make sure that all of you are safe. Giving you all that I can so that you can survive. So I give you this parachute so you may have the chance to survive."

This later go on until the seventh passanger. So, my question is what do you think bout the paasengers and the pilot?