Friday, April 11, 2008


Today supposed to be a relieved one...Finished my viva n yet when i got home, I found something that angered me..How could she do that? I totally cannot accept, not even in the slightest view of it..yes, i know that being angry and totally being controlled by it is ermm totally disturbing, totally uncool, totally unsoothing..but this time i cant helped it..i can tolerate with many thing, but this, I am sorry, I couldnt..I really couldnt..the thing is i told u d, if u only bought him in, mayb i am not tat angry, but u locked the door??? wat the heck? how am i supposed to trust u? yes, it is none of my business, it is ur life, is tis what u wan? just say it that i take it too seriously, yes, i do not have the right to be angry with you, then let it be then..i wont care..i wont care...

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